5 May 2012

posted by benjy edwards

It’s National Homebrew Day, so of course we had to brew some beer.  We had a decent day for it, the kids got to spend the entire day outside while I made a batch of Harvey’s Best Bitter.  The brew went without a hitch, hitting the target gravity of 1.042 and getting the right dark amber to copper colour.  The mash was Maris Otter, English crystal, and Fawcett’s pale chocolate for colour.  Hops were Challenger for bittering and Fuggles and East Kent Goldings for flavour and aroma.

Of course there was no previous batch to rack, which made for a quick and easy single batch day.   Earlier this week I did keg a small batch of cider that has been fermenting for a couple of months, it turned out quite well.

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