18 August 2012

posted by benjy edwards

After two back-to-back double batches over the past two weekends, today was a single batch day, just to take things a little easier.  Since I only needed two fermenters with yeast to repitch, I decided to delay racking the Boathouse pale ale for a week and just keg up the Palmer’s Best Bitter clone, using the yeast from that batch for today’s Boathouse IPA recipe.  The malt bill is American two-row pale malt, American crystal 40, and Vienna to add some depth to the domestic malts.

Choice of hops was dictated by what is available.  I used Summit and Nugget for bittering, then a combination of Cascade and Columbus for flavour and aroma, but I also tossed in four ounces of Zythos pellets that I got from the homebrew club.  I am looking forward to the hop harvest in several weeks’ time, as my supply has dwindled quite a bit.  I am using my last pound of Cascade, and have been out of Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, and Amarillo for too long.  Most of the remaining stock is English hops to be used in the cask ales.

Despite using only 8 ounces of pellets out of a total of 21 ounces of hops in today’s IPA, the bazooka screen still got plugged up by the dreaded pellet sludge.  Using a spoon to clear the screen worked, but it takes time, and added about 15 minutes to what would otherwise be a 20-minute cooling time.  OG was 1.070 and fermentation really took off, blowing out the airlocks overnight and leaving a foamy mess to clean up on Sunday.

The Palmer’s bitter had dropped to 1.011, and I dry-hopped each keg with 2.5 ounces of Styrian Goldings.  One of the kegs leaked from the beer out fitting, so I replaced the poppet and it sealed up fine.  Next weekend I will keg the pale ale and use one of the two primaries to ferment a ginger beer recipe that I want to try.  I may dry-hop the IPA I made today in the primary, since the yeast is not going to be repitched.  After that it’s a short break before beginning the next brewing cycle.

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