1 September 2012

posted by benjy edwards

Last night I sanitized two corny kegs and dry-hopped each one with 3 ounces of Columbus, in order to keg the Boathouse IPA.  I had dry-hopped both primaries with 4 ounces of pellets four days after pitching the yeast, and I discovered that when I tried to rack the beer into the kegs last night, that the pellets floating on top dropped into the beer when I moved the carboys.  The surescreen on the racking cane got clogged, so I gave up trying to rack the fermenters and allowed them to settle for 24 hours.  Tonight the racking went better, although it was still slow going due to the pellet trub.  Yet another example of why I should never use pellets.  When will I learn?  Honestly, it mystifies me how other brewers deal with them, and actually prefer them over whole hops.

Gravity on the IPA was down to 1.011, quite low from its 1.070 start.  That makes for an 8% alcohol beer.  The aroma and taste was very hoppy and floral from the dry-hopping during primary.  With more Columbus hops in the kegs, it should be a hop monster indeed.