3 November 2012

posted by benjy edwards

After an unusually long break from brewing, we’re back to making beer.  The supply of cask ale has held out with some judicious metering, but of course it is the first priority when brewing again.  The weather has shifted into the cool and wet season of fall, so I thought a dark mild would be appropriate.  The recipe is largely unchanged from previous batches, though I did increase the Special B and the brown malt, to see what difference that would make.  Target gravity is 1.041 and our actual result was the same.

Brewing went without a hitch, and was a quick day with a short 1 hour boil and no prior batches to rack.  Hops are Challenger, Fuggle, and East Kent Golding, all added with 45 minutes left in the boil, bittered to about 22 IBU.  We pitched a starter of White Labs WLP002 and the first signs of fermentation began by the end of the night.

Next weekend batches of Hophead and a similar cask ale hopped with the new variety ‘Belma’ are planned.

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