23 November 2012

posted by benjy edwards

It is time to use a lot of hops!  On the schedule for today is an IPA and a double IPA, both with boatloads of hops.  The IPA is our own recipe, using a combination of hops similar to a beer called The Dankness from Triple Rock Brewing in California.  Instead of Apollo, however, we used Columbus, along with Summit and Citra.  The double IPA is another version of the Double Jack from Firestone Walker, with the malt bill changed to lighten the colour.  The malts are domestic 2-row, Munich, crystal 40, and kiln amber, with a target colour of 8 SRM.

The malt was mashed in the 26 gallon kettle, with more than 65 pounds total of grain.  Because of the smaller kernel size of the domestic 2-row when compared to our staple Maris Otter, I considered double milling the malt, but after one pass through the mill, the crush looked more than adequate.  Therefore, I am afraid the lower efficiency of this malt is unavoidable!

The first runnings from the mash went to the double IPA kettle, with a bit of hot liquor added straight from the HLT, in order to achieve the correct pre-boil gravity.  The target OG of 1.080 was hit spot-on, but the OG on the IPA came in low, at 1.057 instead of 1.062.  More like a pale ale, then.  We mashed at 150F, so with a highly fermentable wort it may clock in at a low IPA strength.

The hops in the double IPA are Columbus for first-wort hopping, Summit, Warrior and Columbus for the bittering charge, and Cascade and Centennial late in the boil.  When it came time to chill the double IPA, the use of some pellets made itself known, as we suffered from the hated slow runoff.  Some clearing of the screen with a stainless spoon freed it up, however, and it ran off ok after that.  The IPA ran off better, despite having roughly the same ratio of pellets to whole hops.

The double IPA took off fermenting straight away, and before the night was over had blown off through the airlocks.  I removed them for the first couple of days of fermentation.  This batch needs a liberal dry hop during primary, which likely will be added on Tuesday, then the wort given ten more days to finish fermenting.  The plan is to brew a single batch this weekend, but we will use the yeast from the IPA for that.   As yet, no decision on the recipe for next week.

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