24 August 2013

posted by benjy edwards

Although we did not brew today, it was time to keg the two batches brewed last week.  First up was the Boathouse Bitter, which was a single-hop Chinook version.  The corny kegs were dry-hopped with two ounces each of Chinook, naturally, and the bitter was racked into the kegs.  The gravity was low, at 1.009, and the beer tasted very nice after just a week.  Chinook is a nice hop by itself, quite similar to Cascade but a bit more pungent with a slight resinous hint.  There was enough left over to fill a gallon growler.

The Mosaic pale ale, which we will call Unobtainium Pale Ale since Mosaic hops are so difficult to get, dropped down to 1.012, making it 6% ABV.  I only kegged one half of the batch today since I’m waiting for a keg from a friend in order to give him the other half.  I dry hopped my keg with an ounce and a half of the Mosaic pellets in a hop sack.  The beer was good right from the primary, although the character from the Mosaic was somewhat subdued.  Time, carbonation, and the dry hop will determine how it turns out in the end though.

Since the Simcoe-Citra pale ale will likely be gone soon from the 3 gallon corny, I thought I would make a small batch of cider to replace it.  It is blackberry season right now, and since we had several pounds of frozen blackberries, I decided to add them to the cider.  I put three gallons of apple juice into a 5 gallon carboy and added 6.5 pounds of berries, which is what we happened to have on hand.  That is just over the recommended rate of two pounds of fruit per gallon.  I pitched it with the yeast from the Boathouse Bitter at the end of the night, and fermentation began by the next morning.  I will leave it to ferment for a month.

There are no set plans to brew again, but if I have time when it’s time to keg the second fermenter of the Unobtainium, I may do a single batch using that yeast.

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