4 October 2014

posted by benjy edwards

After what has to have been the longest break in brewing for me in at least a decade, today was my chance to get back into the game.  I was actually nervous about brewing this batch, just due to being rusty about the process.  By the way, the reason for the long interruption was putting the house onto the market in an attempt to downsize.  However, after six months being listed with a good local realtor, there was no interest, so I re-installed my beloved restaurant sink in the garage and dug out all of the brewing gear from storage boxes.

In the end, the brew went really well.  The chosen recipe is my dark mild, which will be cask-conditioned.  The target gravity is 1.040, but due to boiling too vigorously, we reached 1.046 as the actual gravity.  Our house yeast, the Fuller’s strain (Wyeast 1968/White Labs WLP002) was pitched from a smack pack into one fermenter, while in the other one we’re trying a dry yeast which I found in a homebrew shop south of Olympia.  It is Mangrove Jack’s British Ale yeast, which is billed as being very highly flocculent, as is the Fuller’s strain.  It will be interesting to see how the two compare.  Yeast strain can make a big difference in the beer’s taste.  I used the last bottle of hardware store oxygen to oxygenate the wort and we began fermentation at 66F.

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