25 October 2014

posted by benjy edwards

Under the vein of “one can never have too many IPAs on tap”, we’re doing another IPA to follow on from last weekend’s Blind Pig clone.  This time it is a recipe which I have never brewed before: a clone of Alesmith IPA.  I’m a big fan of the commercial beer, so why not?  We mashed domestic two-row, light crystal, carapils, Munich, wheat, and honey malt (33.5 pounds total) for an hour.  Then, the recipe calls for a first wort hop addition of Columbus and Simcoe, with later additions of Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade for flavour and aroma.  Target gravity is 1.073, but with such a big beer our efficiency usually suffers, and today was no exception.  Our actual gravity turned out to be 1.069.

While the mash rested, we kegged the Blind Pig and sampled it.  The dry yeast hadn’t cleared, as with the previous batches, but the flavour was good.  Aroma on the Fuller’s yeast was better, and the difference in gravity was 1 point, like the American pale ale.  We had a sample of the chilled and carbonated APA fermented with the dry yeast and it was a bit hazy, but clearer than a week ago when it was kegged.  It could just be haze from the dry hop.

Next weekend will be our last use of this yeast, so it is time for a double IPA, when I can dry-hop it in the primary and leave it on the first dry hop for 10 days before a second dry hop in the kettle.  We will brew our successful clone of the Hop Venom from Boneyard in Bend, Oregon.

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