4 April 2015

posted by benjy edwards

The second IPL has been in the primary for two weeks, so it is possible to brew ales again.  We’re in need of cask beer, so today the recipe is our dark mild, with a couple of tweaks to the malt bill by upping the percentages of brown malt and pale chocolate.  Target gravity remains 1.041.  The mash went smoothly except for a rather low pH of 4.9, due to the dark malts.  I added some calcium chloride but the pH did not change significantly.

This beer has a shorter, 60 minute boil, with bittering hops added at 45 minutes.  We used Styrian Goldings, East Kent Goldings, and some Progress pellets for a total of 25 IBU.  I couldn’t decide whether to pitch our favourite yeast or try out the West Yorkshire strain, which is said to be Timothy Taylor’s yeast.  On the suggestion of a friend, I ended up using both, one for each fermenter.  This is wise, as we can not only compare fermentation performance but also final flavour side-by-side.  Actual gravity turned out to be 1.042.

The second IPL (and final lager) was kegged while the mash rested.  Racking gravity was 1.012, putting the finished beer at 7.5% ABV.  It tastes quite nice at this young age, but as with the other two, we will lager it for at least a month.  All three of them have been cloudy when kegged, but given that much lagering time, the hope is that they will clear.  The first batch, the Bo Pils, has had a month of lagering so far, so it should be ready in a couple of weeks.

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