20 December 2015

posted by benjy edwards

For the fourth pitch of this yeast, it is time to brew an IPA.  Actually, a double IPA, according to the creator of the recipe: homebrewer Kelsey McNair, who has won multiple awards for this beer.  He calls it a double IPA, although at 1.067 OG, it could be either a single or double IPA.  The malt bill is simply domestic 2-row, some medium crystal, and carapils.  In our case, we used carafoam for the latter.  The 35.5 pounds of malt maxed out our mash tun, at the usual 1.25 quarts per pound.  Any more and we’d use our 1.0 quarts per pound that we’ve done previously for high-gravity beers.

The hops start with Chinook at first  wort hop, then Magnum for bittering, although we used Columbus.  Then more Columbus at 30 minutes, and then a combination of Simcoe and Amarillo at 10 minutes and a huge hop burst of Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra, and Columbus at flame-0ut.  The brew went fine, and even though we cut the specified 60 minute mash in half, we still achieved an OG of 1.069.

During the mash rest, we kegged the Meridian pale ale, which was tasting nice from the primary.  OG dropped down to 1.011, so that’s great attenuation from the 1.053 original gravity.  The kegs were dry-hopped with more Meridian.  I doubt that we will brew again with this yeast, since next weekend is right after Christmas, and then New Year’s the week after.

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