4 April 2016

posted by benjy edwards

The weekend’s weather was very nice, so we brewed on Monday instead, when it was a bit rainy. As planned, this is the second batch of the Harvey’s BB clone using the Essex yeast. The malt bill stayed the same, though the hops had to change because we are out of EKG and Styrian Goldings, so this batch was all Fuggle and Bramling Cross.

After the malt was milled, I noticed a lot of uncracked kernels, so the malt was run through the mill again, which helped a lot. I think this explains last week’s low original gravity, because this time we reached the expected 1.040 target. The roller gap may have increased on our mill. I’ll crush the malt for the next batch and have a look, and if it’s too coarse, then the gap will be tightened.

There were no problems with the rest of the brew, and the first batch was kegged without dry hops. The gravity at racking was down to 1.011, quite good attenuation for the first pitch, no doubt due to the higher attenuation of the Essex strain versus our house English ale yeast. The beer tasted very good, but is lacking the strong earthiness that is distinctive of Harvey’s Best Bitter. Perhaps it will come through once conditioned, but if not, it could be due to a sub-optimal supply of Fuggles.

The next batch will likely be an American pale ale, perhaps with a new hop variety. I have some Cashmere to experiment with, and while at the inaugural Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference I tasted a SMaSH beer hopped with Idaho 7 aka 007: the Golden Hop, and really enjoyed it, so I bought a pound of pellets to try out.

2 Responses to “4 April 2016”

  1. Neil Says:

    Wyeast 1968 or white labs WLP002
    Any preferences?
    Any reasons why you prefer one over the other?

  2. benjy edwards Says:

    Yes, I prefer the White Labs 002. I think they perform about the same, but I prefer the flavour profile of the White Labs. Not a lot of the local shops carry White Labs though, so I often used 1968 instead. I asked some of the White Labs tech people and they confirmed theirs is not identical to Wyeast, but they wouldn’t reveal which one is actually the Fuller’s strain, but cryptically remark that the consensus on the web is correct. The thing is, I’ve searched and I can’t find any such discussion!