28 May 2016

posted by benjy edwards

After giving the Bo Pils two weeks in primary, it is time to re-use the yeast.  I really liked the India Pale Lager we made the last time we used lager yeast, so this is the same recipe, with virtually no changes.  The mash is a mixture of pilsner, two-row, and a bit of Maris Otter to make up the gravity since we didn’t have enough pilsner malt, plus Munich and carapils.  The target OG is 1.060, and actual gravity ended up at 1.057.  The mash was a single infusion at 1.048 for good wort fermentability, and the rest was for 30 minutes.

Hops for this IPL are Cashmere for bittering and a combination of Citra and Centennial late in the boil.  Unusually, we didn’t go crazy with the amounts of hops, targeting a rather sedate 65 IBU.  The brew session went very smoothly, and despite some concerns about racking the Bo Pils from the Speidel, a novel task with the new fermenter, that went well too.  Since the beer is all in one vessel, the only trick is to fill the first keg to the top and switch it to the next keg at the right time.  The Bo Pils was quite nice out of the fermenter, though quite cloudy.  However, that is to be expected with lager yeast, and should clear during the long lagering period.

The next batch will likely be the final lager, not sure quite what.  Perhaps another IPL, or could be an amber lager such as Oktoberfest.

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