23 October 2016

posted by benjy edwards

Another week, another batch!  We’re in need of more cask ale, so a British golden ale is a good follow-up to the dark mild we made last week.  The recipe is Hophead again, easily my favourite golden ale or hoppy clean bitter.  No changes to the recipe, simply Fawcett Maris Otter and Cascade hops.  Thirty minute mash rest at what ended up being higher than expected, more like 155F instead of 152F.  The mash pH was 5.3 and the hot liquor was 5.8, so pretty much ideal.

Target OG of 1.040 was hit spot-on, which was unexpected because it appeared from the pre-boil gravity that we were going to be a few points higher.  No complaints, though!  We used a pound of Cascade in all, with lots of late hops at 15, 5, and 0 minutes.  The clarity of the wort into the kettle was bad at first, but after the usual three recircs it was running clear, and after the boil it was crystal clear going into the chiller.  Our ground water has cooled down a bit, so it was in the mid-70s going into the fermenters rather than edging toward 80F.  We chilled it the rest of the way to 65F in the fridge.

During the mash and recirculation, we were able to rack the dark mild into kegs.  No dry hop of course, and the gravity was down to 1.017, so after further conditioning it should be about 3.5% ABV.  Next week will likely brew an American pale ale which we can split to serve via co2 and on handpump.  Mosaic, Citra, or Simcoe are likely candidates, or perhaps a combination of them.  The Mosaic we got last year is disappointing as a single hop, so we may be better off combining it with Citra.  We also have plans on brewing the hoppy brown again, as it is currently my favourite on tap.

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