30 October 2016

posted by benjy edwards

This week we are brewing a Citra pale ale, my favourite hop after Mosaic.  The malt bill is loosely based on our clone of the Kern River Citra double IPA, scaled down to 1.052 OG, using Great Western two-row, Munich, Vienna, carapils, aromatic, and wheat malt.  With our thirty minute mash at 151F, it should be fairly fermentable.

We were running low on propane, so rather than get more, we opted to use our electric water heater for the hot liquor and strike liquor.  It took hours and hours, but eventually it raised them to the proper temperatures.  If I can remember in the morning, it would be a good way to save propane for regular brewing.  We used the Milwaukee MW102 bench meter for the first time and discovered a half pH point discrepancy with the handheld meter, which may mean that our mash and sparge pHs have been .5 pH points too high.  We added more lactic acid than usual and the mash pH was 5.57 and the sparge liquor was 6.17.  Close enough!  I should replace the handheld meter probe and see what that gives us.

While the wort was recirculating, we kegged up the Hophead, having added a couple of ounces of Cascade to each keg.  Racking gravity was down to 1.012, so it should be right around 4.0% ABV.  It tasted great out of the fermenter, as this beer always seems to do.  It is definitely a favourite, if not the outright best one.  During the boil, Simcoe was added for bittering and then Citra at 30, 15, 10, and 5 minutes in copious quantities.  The wort was chilled to 76F, the best the groundwater could do, then cooled down to 65F for fermentation.  Another successful batch.

Next time we will likely make an IPA, if it is the last use of the yeast, or a batch of the hoppy brown or even a stout if we elect to push the yeast to a sixth pitch.  Am I feeling lucky?

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