22 January 2017

posted by benjy edwards

For the first batch of the new year, and after a long break (haven’t brewed since November!), we’re back to brewing with another cask ale.  I saw a couple of references to how good Batham’s Best Bitter is, and I previously brewed one attempt at a clone, so we’re having another go at it.  The malt bill is simply Maris Otter, but we are using equal parts Fawcett and Baird malts for more complexity over using only one maltster’s malt.  The hops are Fuggle and Sonnet Goldings for bittering, with East Kent Goldings late in the boil for flavour and aroma.  We hit our target gravity exactly, at 1.042.

The pH of the mash was correct, at 5.54, and our liquor pH was 5.90 after adding 7 ml of lactic acid.  With no previous batch to package, it was a quick four hour brew day.  The yeast we used was a PurePitch pack of WLP002 in a starter made on Friday night and fed on Saturday afternoon.  Signs of fermentation began on Sunday night and it was going well by Monday morning.

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