5 February 2017

posted by benjy edwards

For the third batch on this yeast, we are brewing our hoppy brown ale.  I did not intend to make any changes to the recipe, but upon discovering that we have no Special B, I was forced to substitute some English crystal, the Fawcett dark crystal II (120L), along with some brown malt.  Partly as a result of the malt changes, the OG turned out to be 1.058 instead of the target 1.048.  I think another reason for the gravity boost is that we are now milling the grain twice, which certainly helps with extract efficiency.

This week, I remembered to prep the kegs  the day before, so that helped things go smoothly.  The Cashmere single hop beer from last week was kegged with two ounces each of more Cashmere.  The gravity on this batch dropped really well, to 1.010.  These kegs were not force-carbonated, but will be left to condition on their own for serving on handpump.

As for the hoppy brown, we hopped with Columbus for bittering, and Cascade with a touch of Chinook for the late hops.  By Monday it was fermenting rapidly and I needed to fit blowoff tubes on the carboys.  Next week might be a pale ale or an IPA.  The clone of Fuller’s 1845 made last last year is drinking really well, so there is also the possibility of making that again soon.

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