12 February 2017

posted by benjy edwards

This week we are brewing an American pale ale with my favourite hop, Mosaic.  I think I have more Mosaic on hand right now than ever before, so we can afford to use it throughout the whole process, from bittering to dry-hopping.  The malt bill is simple, just domestic two-row, Munich, and Victory, with the oddball ingredient being 15% oats.  We have not used oats in a pale ale before, but have enjoyed the few commercial versions that are out there.  Target gravity is 1.050 and 75 IBU.

The mash rest was 151F for our now-usual 30 minutes, then recirculated before the 90-minute boil, with bittering hops at 60 minutes followed by late additions at 30, 15, 10, and 5 minutes.  Our actual gravity is 1.051 and the wort smelled great.  Surprisingly, it was not hazy coming out of the kettle, which I thought would be the case with so much oats.

Meanwhile, we kegged up the hoppy brown from last week, which hadn’t attenuated as much as I’d expected: 1.020 on the first carboy and 1.019 on the second.  As the yeast was just as active (in fact more so, needing blowoff tubes) and we kept the temperature the same, the less attenuation must be the result of so much crystal malt.  It tasted great from the fermenters, though.  We dry hopped each keg with 1.75 ounces of Cascade and force-carbonated both.

There should be two more batches to come using this yeast, one of which is sure to be an IPA.  As for the other, who knows?

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