26 February 2017

posted by benjy edwards

Although we are getting to the end of this run of yeast, we’re still brewing cask ale, because we committed to serving two cask beers at the upcoming Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference, 17-18 March.  This is the second beer to make for serving at my seminar on home-brewing cask ales.  I knew I wanted to bring an English bitter, but couldn’t decide on a recipe, so opted for our go-to Hophead clone.  Continuing with the experiment about blending malts, I used half each of Maris Otter from Fawcett and Baird.  Hops are just Cascade, for bittering and 30, 15, 10, and 5 minute additions.  The mash rest was thirty minutes at 153F.

The dark mild had six days to ferment, during which time it reached 1.016 in one fermenter and 1.017 in the other.  No dry hops in the kegs, of course, just leaving enough headspace in the kegs to achieve good condition.  I have yet to decide whether to serve one of the ales from a pin instead of a corny keg, but of course if I do, it will have to be the Hophead.

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