5 March 2017

posted by benjy edwards

I had intended to brew today, a final batch with this yeast, but the weather here has gotten very cold again, plus I had a busy morning due to a cheesemaking class, so I skipped the last batch.  It turns out that this was a good idea, as we had to keg up the Hophead from last week, and the yeast in at least one of the fermenters seems to have mutated, with a slightly phenolic aroma and flavour.  I think pushing the yeast into another batch would have been a mistake.  Time will tell on how the two kegs turn out.  The gravity was lower than all previous batches as well, which could be a telling sign of a change in the yeast.  Both had dropped to 1.008 in only a week, very unusual for the WLP002.

We dry-hopped each corny with two ounces of Cascade and will allow them to condition naturally.  If the end results are a bit phenolic, then I will opt to bring a previous cask beer to the PNWHC in place of the Hophead.  The Batham’s BB is very tasty, so that’s an option, or there is the Cashmere single-hop bitter as well.