29 April 2017

posted by benjy edwards

This weekend we brewed on Saturday since the weather will be nicer on Sunday, plus I’ve got lots of pizza-making activities to do on Sunday.  The recipe is an IPA similar to the award-winning Breakside IPA.  The malt bill is domestic two-row, Munich, and light crystal.  There were no problems in the mash, except the temperature was 154F instead of 153F, but that is hardly an issue.

During the mash rest we kegged up the Harvey’s Best from last week, with no dry hops in either keg.  The gravity was down to 1.010, so that is great attenuation, and the beer was quite clear.  I like the Thames yeast so far, though I haven’t tried any finished beer yet, just samples from primary.

We did a full 90 minute boil, adding Columbus hops at 60 and 30 minutes, and then Centennial at 10 minutes and a combination of Citra and Chinook at 5 and 0 minutes.  The chill went fine, no problems with a slow runoff like we had last week, so I think that was down to the seeds in the Bramling Cross hops.  We hit our target OG of 1.060 and by this evening we needed blowoff tubes on the fermenters.

Next week will likely be the second batch of Fuller’s 1845, followed by another IPA to finish off this pitch of yeast.

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