21 May 2017

posted by benjy edwards

No brewing today, but we needed to keg the IPA we brewed last week.  Each corny was dry-hopped with an ounce of Simcoe and an ounce of Chinook, and force-carbonated.  I was surprised to see that the gravity had dropped down to 1.008, which is very low.  This is no doubt due to the low 149F mash temperature and the malt bill, which was just two-row, pilsner, and Vienna.  The beer is very light in colour, clear, and has great hop aroma and flavour.  This one turned out really well!  With the 1.062 OG and low finishing gravity, this IPA is going to be almost 7.5% ABV.

We’ll take a break for a while and then resume brewing when we’ve got 6 or 8 empty kegs.

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