2 September 2017

posted by benjy edwards

After a break of almost four months, it’s past due time to get back to brewing.  The weather has been great this summer, so I suppose it’s as good a time as any to have a break, but there’s a reunion of my rowing teammates in two weeks, and I’ve been asked to supply some beer.

The recipe is Hophead, but with a different hop than Cascade.  I’ve had a pound of Boadicea whole hops on hand for a while now, so I’m using it here, along with a grist of simply Maris Otter.  Despite being out of practice in making beer, the brew day went very well, with the only omission being that of taking a pre-boil gravity.  It did not matter though, since we achieved an original gravity of 1.042, just a tad higher than target.  We also managed to keep the session to less than 4 hours, helped by the fact that we didn’t need to rack any beer.

Because of the hot summer temperatures, the wort chiller only got the wort down to 86F or so, so I chilled the carboys for a few hours before pitching the yeast, which was a smack pack of Wyeast 1968 that I started on Thursday and fed with more wort on Friday night.  It was nice and active by Sunday morning and there were even signs of fermentation late Saturday night, despite pitching later than usual.

I need to rack this batch next Saturday so it has time to condition for the trip to the reunion on the Oregon coast, and I’ll try to brew another batch for the yeast, but I may need to do that on Sunday since the bike racing team party is on Saturday at my house.  Recipe ideas are for another cask ale, as usual, perhaps Landlord or Harvey’s best bitter.

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