1 October 2017

posted by benjy edwards

There is one more cask ale to brew during this run of the yeast.  I chose another batch of the Batham’s Best Bitter, a very simple but delicious bitter.  The mash is just Maris Otter, and the hops are primarily East Kent Goldings late, with bittering hops of Northdown and Fuggles.  However, I chose to bitter with Bramling Cross and used EKG for flavour and aroma.  Target OG is 1.042, which we hit spot on.

There was one little problem during the brew, which was a boilover shortly after the kettle was filled.  Other than that, another short brew day of just over three and a half hours.  While the wort was being collected, we racked the dark mild into a couple of corny kegs.  The gravity was higher than I expected, at 1.018, but if it drops a few points in the keg then it should end up around 3.8-3.9% ABV.

Next week it’s time for an IPA, and we’ll follow that up with the final batch as either another IPA or perhaps a double IPA.  The Kern River Citra double IPA at 8% would be a nice choice.

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