21 October 2017

posted by benjy edwards

It is time to make another IPA, so the choice of hops is the most important consideration.  We’re out of our favourites Citra and Simcoe, and while we still have Mosaic, the pale ale last week was heavy on that.  We also have Eureka and Lemon Drop left, so we’re going to make another batch of what we’ve called Crisp Lemony Zip.  The hops are exclusively Eureka and Lemon Drop, for a lemony and piney flavour and aroma.  The grist was primarily Maris Otter, with some Vienna and Munich to lessen the English biscuit character, and some wheat for head retention.  The target gravity is 1.062 so it should be in the mid 6 percent ABV range.  The mash rest was low, 151F for a dry and crisp IPA.

The brew went fine, another sub-4 hour session.  We hit our target gravity spot on, and the wort colour looks good.  During the mash rest and recirculated we kegged up the pale ale, which for some reason was quite cloudy.  That’s very unusual for the Fuller’s yeast, but it tasted very good so there is no reason to think the yeast is a problem.  The gravity dropped to 1.010, so the attenuation is fine as well.  We dry-hopped each keg with two ounces of Mosaic and force carbonated them.

It is unlikely that we’ll use this yeast another time, but I haven’t ruled it out yet.

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